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FEBRUARY 14 – 17, 2019

Workshop “Arpanidra”

Yoga Nidra Harp

with Diane Peters & Francesca Maniglio

ARPANIDRA, Relax with Sound , Vibrations and Music.

SAint valentine 2019 “IN hARMONy”

14-2-19   to   17-2-19

3 Evening of events and “happenings” on the theme of Love & Harmony

3 Days of ARPANIDRA: Yoga Nidra sessions with harps 





7.30 PM  ARPANIDRA Session*  

8.30 PM   DINNER with harp and poetry on Love & Harmony 


10.30 – 12.00 AM VINYASA YOGA

12.00 AM   ARPANIDRA Session*       

1.30 PM   LUNCH   

7.00 PM  ARPANIDRA Session* 

8.30 PM   DINNER and concert


12.00 AM  ARPANIDRA Session* 

1.30 PM   LUNCH   


*The session of Yoga Nidra is accompanied by the vibrations, and sounds of the harp which follow the journey into the interior world, together with the spoken voice, guiding towards a deep relaxation.

ARPANIDRA is practiced lying down and the only activity required is  that of listening. The benefits are multiple.

The atmosfere of the location is welcoming and calm, in the suggestive room featuring a typical Salentese vaulted ceiling and the warmth of heated parquet.

A session of Yoga Nidra equals 4 hours of deep sleep and straight away one can experience a sense of self-reappropriation and wellbeing: any anxiety or stress dissolves leaving space for the sounds and music and your interior journey.

It is possible to try one session or experience a deepening of the practice and its benefits, with participation in the entire weekend program.

Languages: English and Italian




How to describe the HARMONY arising from the encountering of Food and Wine ?

Exactly as a kiss, a perfect kiss: so inviting and embracing to ardently desire another… and again another.

On the Evening of Valentines’ Day – February 14 2019 – at the Restaurant Agricola Samadhi, we will celebrate Love, in absolutely this way, by the means of this Harmony.

On this occasion we will have the pleasure of experiencing the culinary creations of CATERINA MOSCA. The dishes will be enhanced in sentiment by the great wines of the cantina FEUDI DI GUAGNANO, a symbol of Salentino local viticulture. The emotion emanating from this intimate meeting will flow freely on the notes of the harp of DIANE PETERS who will accompany the entire dinner in a dreamlike performance, blending sound to the aroma and taste, in this magical coexistence.

This is the way we will celebrate Amore: in the sensuality and in the hedonism of this beautiful appointment, much more than a dinner.
In combination: 4 Wines from the FEUDI DI GUAGNANO chosen and presented by Sommelier PAOLA RESTELLI.



7.30 PM ARPANIDRA Session

Introduction to Yoga Nidra; techniques and benefits; the choosing and formulation of Sankalpa.

The yoga nidra session is accompanied by the vibrations of the harp and sounds, accompanying the journey into the interior world, together with the spoken voice, guiding towards an inner peace and deep relaxation.


8.30 PM Dinner + Harp Music and Poetry on Love and Harmony



10.30 – 12.00 AM VINYASA YOGAA

12.00 AM ARPANIDRA Session

Variation: “Listening becomes the the protagonist.” The vocal ed sound vibrations, penetrate to the deepest layers of our being.


7.00 PM ARPANIDRA Session

Variation: Chakra Visualisation


Diane Peters presents a concert of Harp and Voice, from world sounds to original melodies and improvisation.



12.00 AM ARPANIDRA Session

*Variation: Sharing of experience and consolidation of the Sankalpa.

1.30 LUNCH



Literally Yoga Nidra means Sleep Yoga. It is a path in its own right, but actually any well conducted Shavasana leads to a deep relaxation that becomes exploration and an opportunity for union.

Yoga Nidra is a useful practice for deep relaxation, management of emotional situations, and to combat stress.

Yoga Nidra is a method that comes from tantra yoga and has been performed for thousands of years by yogis to “enter within and look internally” so as to rediscover the harmony of body, mind and spirit, with advanced practices moving towards a profound knowledge of our authentic self. Great attention is paid to the various parts of the body while relaxing. The perception of the various parts is orchestrated by the teacher of yoganidra, and with the will to create a lucid peaceful state of deep relaxation. Practice can resolve nervousness, irritability, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and can be useful for menstrual disorders, dizziness, hypertension.

Through the subconscious mind mental tension is relaxed. If the mind is tense, so are the internal organs, this is why its important to free it. It relieves muscle tension and works on balancing the endocrine and nervous system. In the practice of Yoga Nidra the consciousness works at deeper levels, and this type of relaxation equals three or four hours of sleep. Many benefits are gained also at the level of emotional management.


Diane Peters BIO:

Diane Peters is an Australian Harpist and Composer. 

She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Improvisation and Music Performance 1998,  with Honours in composition 2009.

As well as playing concerts of original and improvised music in Europe and Australia, she is now sharing 

an exploration of music in yoga and relaxation having also had a long personal connection with yoga.In Australia she studied various styles of yoga Iyenga, Ashtanga, Hatha e con mentor Eugenie Knox allo “Dance of Life Studio”

 a Melbourne, she also depend her experience with workshops and seminars , on Chakras, meditation, and yoganidra.

 Now in Italy with her “ARPANIDRA”  is connecting the benefits of the vibrations of sound; improvisation; yoganidra e autogenic relaxation in a form of Yoga Nidra, which she continues to expand.


Francesca BIO:

Each year she hosts and organizes workshops, courses for yoga teachers and intensive courses with highly qualified international teachers. The association YIS, active in the area since 2007, has distinguished itself over the years as an important international yoga center, a meeting point of multiple experiences, opened to different practices deepened over time.

With a genuine love for teaching and for yoga, she teaches with enthusiasm, generosity, commitment and devotion. She is grateful to the masters with whom she had the privilege to study (John Scott, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, BNS Iyengar, Manju Jois, Mark Darby, David Swenson, David Williams, Lino Miele, Louise Ellis, Tina Pizzimenti, Sharon Gannon and David Life), and she is joyful for the practice’s sublime benefits.

She graduated in philosophy at the University of Milan. After degree she studies and works as a filmmaker in NYC for 5 years. While living in NYC, she meets yoga in an open class held by David Life, founder and director with Sharon Gannon, of the Jivamukti yoga school & method.

In 2006 she studies and graduates in Mysore, India, under the leadership of BNS Iyengar in Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama. In 2009 she accomplishes the three-year course AYBO of Giuliano Vecchiè, then she graduates as Ashtanga teacher from UISP – CONI. In 2014 she completes the Teacher Training in Ashtanga Yoga by John Scott.


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