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Namaste and welcome to

Yoga In salento

YIS is an international yoga community that gives high value to the connection and well being of body, mind and spirit.

In this land of millenary olive groves we offer a fun, welcoming, kind and supportive eco-friendly space for Yoga retreats and holidays in tune with conscious living, with the ‘here & now’. Reconnect with Yourself, with Others, with Mother Nature, with your playfulness!

Through yoga, Italian delicious organic (self-produced) vegan food, a range of integrated services at your disposal (Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Thai massage), this is a place to restore, relax and awaken the power within.


Our invitation to come join us is turn your holidays into wholidays.
Quoting BKS Iyengar: “The word ‘holistic’ is very fashionable nowadays, and one often hears people speak of ‘holistic’medicine. The word ‘holistic’ contains the word ‘whole’, which is the true meaning of ‘healthy’. When there is ‘wholeness’ of body, mind and self, this wholeness becomes holy. Holy means ‘divine’ and without divinity you cannot truly speak of holistic practice or of holistic medicine.
When a person connects the soul to the skin and the skin to the soul, when there is a tremendous communion between the cells of the body and the cells of the soul, then that is holistic or integrated practice, because the whole of the human system has been integrated into a single unit in which body, mind, intelligence, consciousness and soul come together.

Though tremendous advances has been made by science, medicine and psychology over many centuries, no one can define a frontier between body and mind or between mind and soul. They cannot be separated. They are intermingled, interconnected, united. Where there is mind, there is body, where there is body there is soul; where there is soul there is mind. Yet our everyday experience is of a great separation between these three. When we are engaged in mental activity, we are no longer aware of the body. When we are involved with the body, we lose sight of the soul.”

Yoga is a way to move towards integration. With us you will experience it.

YIS? Yes!

turn your holidays into wholidays


Don’t wonder about the needs of the world;
instead, ask yourself what makes your heart sing and do it,
because what the world needs the most is people whose hearts sing.