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Agricola Samadhi is a unique organic agriturism, an internationally acclaimed reference point in the field of ‘active’ wellness.
In this charming and peaceful getaway we propose and offer the possibility of practicing a way of living and eating where everything revolves around well-being: you can combine your stay with a full range of state of the art yoga classes, SPA time, Ayurveda consultations and treatments, a wide range of massages.

Our top-level yoga proposals are possible because within Agricola Samadhi, operates YIS (Yoga In Salento association), yoga school and yoga retreat center leader in Europe in the field of yoga teachers training, yoga retreats in Italy, yoga intensives. YIS is a favorite destination of the best internationally renowned yoga masters from all over the world: they choose Agricola Samadhi because this location was conceived and designed precisely for yogis, as a wellness escape to retreat, restore, renew, heal, recharge, disconnect from the outer world, reconnect within. What is proposed and experienced at Agricola Samadhi is energy recharge and psycho-physical well-being, through the possibility of following, if desired, a path of awareness.

We are a yoga retreat center in Italy immersed in the magical beauty and nature of Salento where the sun is strong, the coastline is wild, the sea is crystal clear and the traditional local Pizzica music & dance are contagious.





To find out more about our location and to book your accommodation you can visit agricolasamadhi.it

The intrinsic quality of the place and the decisions made in managing and renovating the farmhouse have made Agricola Samadhi a perfect place not only for a relaxing vacation but for ‘yoga retreats‘ and yoga getaways organized by YIS Yoga in Salento, the only Yoga in Salento Association that, since 2007, organizes yoga teaching classes in Salento.
The farmhouse has areas dedicated to yoga courses and sessions: the beautiful yoga rooms are found in the 19th-century farmhouse: high ceilings made from stone from Lecce, parquet flooring that is heated in winter and large windows letting in lots of light and offering views of the green park.

We are open year-round and the center is available for those who want to organize residential courses, retreats, workshops and teacher training.


Agriturismo Samadhi
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Agricola Samadhi is a last generation organic farmhouse located in southern Puglia in the heart of Salento in the Grecia Salentina countryside right in the heart of Zollino, just a few steps from the quaint country train station.

Immersed in the fascinating and authentic atmosphere of Puglia, the Agricola Samadhi farmhouse enjoys a strategic location to discover Salento, just 10 minutes from Lecce and 20 minutes from the most beautiful beaches on the Ionic and Adriatic Seas.

Salento is that portion of Italian land where the West meets the East, point of fusion among ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean; an earth to be discovered, kissed by the sun and by a crystalline sea. Salento is a coffer rich of inestimable treasures: medieval white stone villages built perpendicularly to the sea, innumerable evidences of ancient civilization, country churches, Romanesque Cathedrals, monumental Basilicas, “federician” castles, archaeological areas (dolmen, menhir), uncontaminated oases, millenary olive groves, park and sea reserves, splendid carsic caves, suggestive and unique “Trulli” houses, the Baroque art, sacred and pagan rites, local fairs, feasts, perfumes and tastes and the deliciousness of an authentic and genuine kitchen.

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica YIS
Yoga In Salento

Via Stazione, 116 – 73010 Zollino (LE)
C.F. 93113550755 P.I.: 04482180751

The organic farm Agricola Samadhi is surrounded by nature and silence, in the navel of Salento, Zollino, just 10 minutes far from Lecce and 20 minutes far from the beautiful beaches and coves. The only sounds you can hear are the wind, the chirping of birds and the sound of crickets. We are open all year round and the center is available for yoga teachers who wish to hold their retreats, workshops, and teacher training.To find out more about our location and to book your accommodation you can visit agricolasamadhi.it

Agricola Samadhi is much more than a holiday, it is a journey within a journey, an existential experience, multisensory, energizing and relaxing. It is both the proposal and the practice of a lifestyle in which the priority is finding yourself, doing good to yourself, sharing with others, experimenting with the practice of yoga and other techniques the lost connection between the body, mind, and heart.


The rooms are located on the large estate, divided into three apartments and the main building with a portico that was completed in July 2011 that overlook the antique villa.

The rooms are air conditioned and it is possible to select the desired temperature: air conditioning during the summer and heating during the winter to be as comfortable as possible at all times.

Rooms, with private or shared bathroom (1 bathroom each 2 rooms) are located within the large estate in the ancient manor house, in three different apartments and in a central building with porch completed in July 2011 that overlooks the ancient villa. If you are planning to come alone, you can still share a room: we will find you a roommate!

Rooms with private bathroom

Built following the eco-sustainability philosophy, these rooms are comfortable housing solutions and bright rooms with private bathroom. Some of them have also air conditioning and heating. Available as single, double and triple, for those who want all the comforts, but respecting the environment!

Rooms with shared bathroom

Cozy and comfortable rooms, available as single and double with shared bathroom with another room. Some of them are equipped with air conditioning and heating, for a wonderful stay in Salento.


Check-in: from 4 pm. • Check out: by 11 am.

Child under 3 y.o. free. Baby cot 10 Euros per day. Children from 3 to 12 special discount.

We are pet-friendly, we support animalist association and cooperate with Zampa Libera, an association that works to prevent strays. We understand the difficulty of leaving home without our four-legged friends and for this reason, on request, with a supplement of 50 € per week, even animals of large size are allowed and welcome to Agricola Samadhi.


Agricola Samadhi è mixing tradition and innovation both with its offerings and form: two elegant antique buildings from the early 20th century are near recently renovated buildings, surrounded by a green park, immersed in the sound of the wind between the magnificent fronds of the palms and the song of the birds and the hum of the cicadas.

Decide whether to relax along the edge of our large, fresh pool, enjoy an Ayurvedic treatment, a Thai or Shiatzu massage, enjoy the wind caressing the fronds of the palms as you relax in a hammock, walk the 10 hectares of the property or go discover Salento: there’s time for nature walks, artistic excursions, trekking, bicycle tours, horseback riding and sails!
We are open year-round.


  • Swimming pool
  • Wi-fi area
  • Massages and treatments
  • Shaded parking
  • Boutique of handmade farm products
  • Children 0-3 free
  • Outdoor children playground
  • Horse, boat and bike excursions
  • Bike rental
  • Transfer service
  • Pet friendly

Our Agricola Samadhi farmhouse has partnerships with various local associations for common recreational, sports and travel interests that share the values of a lifestyle focused on reducing environmental impact as well as protecting and saving the environment.

These are our proposals for discovering Salento ‘in ’Agricola Samadhi style!




Arrived in Puglia as guests of our farm, you will discover that the psychological well-being derives largely from a natural food.

Samadhi Cafe`, the Sun Kitchen, is fully-dedicated to a healthy, balanced, organic cookery and is curated by international experts in Natural Cooking vegetarian and vegan.

Depending on what we eat, we experience which are the foods that give us energy, lightness and flexibility and which weigh us, making us rigid and lazy. The health begins from the plate. The food style we follow is essentially made up by fresh food in order to keep the body in balance and the mind clear and lucid. In a word, ‘sattvic’ food that leads to true happiness: vitality, lightness, and satiety, calm mind, a fit physique, a stream of energy that flows in harmony.

Embracing the cardinal principles which are common to the Slow Food philosophy, macrobiotics, and Ayurveda, we offer a menu of authentic delicacies. Our goal is to excel in all our services and in this case we love to put in your dish the best that Mother Nature gives us every day.

The dishes are prepared almost exclusively with ingredients from our garden or other organic products at zero km that offer maximum freshness and bioavailability. Each meal will be served on the sunny terrace overlooking the land where we grow with love our fruits and vegetables.

In the preparation of our dishes, we try anything that goes beyond the concept of ‘good’ and ‘typical’: a diet that is tasty but also healthy, creating natural recipes, light and balanced. Tasty and healthy for us to be synonyms: this is our starting point in the preparation of the dish.

We produce fruits, vegetables, and organic extra virgin olive oil. The fruits and vegetables we eat are seasonal, we use a variety of cereals and vegetable protein, all combined with the ‘superfood‘ natural products ‘lesser known’ (miso, seaweed, spirulina, tofu, seitan) in order to balance the nutritional intake and balance we need.


“‘Good’ is a ROUND word. When a child says, “it’s GOOD,” he tells of a world untouched, pure, essential.

“You’re good,” means: “I can trust, I feel safe.” This is true for humans, but also for nourishment.
A child is master of the essential innate ideas. Adults need to relearn to feel, to savor the taste of food connected to the taste of life.

You Are Here, and on this table you receive the privilege of that ‘good’ that has the taste of childhood.
Close your eyes for a moment, while you perceive the food that from your mouth diffuses energy and pleasure in every part of you.

Organic, for what we produce, it is truth, not a definition of fashion: we cultivate without using herbicides or pesticides with an arduous daily work between the rows.

Grow for us means supporting and not interrupting the cycle of life.

This food walks only a few steps to get from the garden to our kitchen.

Yes, this food is Good, because it made with love, because it is good for your health and at the same time does not harm anyone; to get on your plate it does not exploit other creatures, did not generate suffering, and does not bring pain residues, but joy.

It is a harmonious food, whole, in harmony with creation, with Mother Earth.

This food is the present but also the future toward which to aim. The deep aspiration is that the philosophy of mindful eating, respecting all living beings will always expand more, generating virtuous circles.
Listen to this food, it talks emitting happy vibrations.

We do not choose the easy way out, we like the commitment.

We want a full life that tastes Good”.

Written by Federica Morrone with Francesca Maniglio


A place created to offer you the opportunity to pamper and regenerate you.

Inside Ayurvedicamente Healing Center of Agricola Samadhi you can book spa packages   with various treatments and different lengths.

The Spa can accommodate up to four people and is the ideal place to let yourself go in total privacy and intimacy to the beneficial effects of:

Jacuzzi hydromassage


Turkish Bath

Showers with led color lighting

Massage rooms

Consulation rooms

The different Spa packages allow everyone to choose how to articulate their own path, deciding the duration based on their availability or the indications of the ayurvedica doctor, and choosing from a wide array of body work: Ayurveda, Reiki, Shiatzu, Thai massages, Osteopathy, Sound Baths, Reflexology.



The pleasure of spending a day at the Spa.

A day dedicated to wellness, relax from the gentle massage of water, wrapped in beneficial heat, immersed in a magical atmosphere of tranquility.




  • Duration 1 h 15


  • Duration 2 h




  • This ancient art of massage promotes total well-being of body and mind.
  • By massaging the reflex zones of the foot it is possible to rebalance the energetic state of the whole body
  • The foot reflexology massage lasts from 30 to 60 minutes and can be combined with other tretaments.


  • It is an ancient Japanese practice aimed at improving the psycho-physical conditions of the person.
  • In Japanese reiki means “spiritual energy”. Initially a passage of energy is carried out throughout the body to capture which are the parts that most need the treatment and we concentrate to a greater extent in these areas, without however neglecting the totality of the body. The therapy is carried out by a III level Reiki master.

“Deep Tissue” Massage:

  • this treatment has the purpose of dissolving the contractures and at the same time, with slow and deep dexterity, restores the right muscle tone, improving its function. It is very useful for the sportsman as an excellent decontractor.

Osteopathic massage:

  • It is a treatment aimed at treating rheumatic, back and joint pains. The goal of osteopathy is to restore the mobility of different body systems to improve their regulation and interaction.

Ayurvedic massage full body:

  • Ayurvedic massage that works both physically and energetically, removing the blockages caused by stagnant psychophysical energy. This treatment favors the detoxification of tissues and their nourishment through the oils used; strengthens the immune system; improves blood and lymphatic circulation and helps prevent localized fat deposits.
  • Promotes mental and muscular relaxation due to tension and contractures. It strengthens the osteoarticular system and the ligaments, removing stiffness and favoring flexibility.

Thai massage:

  • It is called “nuad phaen pornan”. In Thai it means “to touch to heal” and is performed on a tatami wearing comfortable clothes. Assisted stretching inspired by Yoga, balancing the energy flow and eliminating any blockages.

Shiatsu massage:

  • It is a Japanese acupressure therapy performed on a tatami.
  • It assists the efficacy of pharmacological treatments, helps relaxation and restores the body’s diminished auto-immune capacity from factors such as stress and depression.



Shiroabyangam (head, cervical and shoulder ) – sitting down

  • Specific treatment for head, cervical and shoulders. Relieves muscle tension by stimulating blood circulation and oxygenating tissues, helping eliminate toxins. It is a real nourishment for the five senses.


  • The most famous traditional treatment of Kerala. It involves pouring warm medicated oil on the forehead through coordinated and slow mevements. It’s the best treatment for problems related to the nervous system, with effects of deep relaxation and rejuvenation



Sound massage:

  • Tibetan bells have been used for thousands of years to restore health, gain well-being and relaxation and mental clarity.
  • The sound massage has multiple benefits because it acts on the energy, physical, emotional and spiritual level.
  • Sound vibrations resonate throughout the body even after treatment.


Hands are our visit ticket. However the hectic life we lead is not always allows us to have them in order. We have the solution for you: beautiful hands, nails always in order for more than 15 days without having to take care of them.


  • Nail reconstruction
  • Semi-permanent


  • Semi-permanent
  • Semi-permanent + foot massage 30′

turn your holidays into wholidays