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October 19 – 26

October 26 – NOVEMBER 2

Astanga Vinyasa Yoga Retreat
with Susanna Finocchi

A healthy and efficient body together with a calm and focussed mind can do miracles.
A week of intense traditional asana practice , a broader vision of Astanga Yoga,  sweat, study and inner joy .

Susanna is present in the class helping each student in his practice with physical or verbal adjustments, aligning posture and modifying it if necessary, emphasizing the breath, encouraging, encouraging and eventually adding a new one when the previous one is stable and comfortable, a safe way to practice . According to her it is important to teach Vinyasa as an energetic and structural support of the practice, respect the sequence without skipping the asanas that are more difficult or that put us in touch with parts of us that we do not like or with our fears or rather the beautiful and ‘right there’, as Sharath says “no fear no fun” without fear without fun! It is therefore important to create a relationship of trust between teacher and student that supports both during the path of Yoga. She likes to deepen in addition to the most ‘strictly physical on the asanas or dynamic passages, even take a look at the philosophy and also recite simple mantras, Ganesha Japa, to open the heart and concentrate the mind especially with the Yoga Sutras and / or Bhagavad Trip.

A healthy and functional body and a calm and concentrated mind can work wonders. Everyone can practice Ashtanga Yoga both to have an agile and tonic body until it becomes a meditative practice that can lead to a profound personal transformation. Yoga, a word that contains many meanings, is for me at the same time a means and an end, a state to which to arrive. It is both a group of techniques, asanas, pranayama, reciting mantras, that a state of quiet or peace of mind.
It is this state of awareness, peace of mind, of joy in which one finds oneself when one practices intensely, which helps to face the gray areas, the fears and the difficulties in everyday life with more serenity inner space and with the sense of “being able to do it”. One breath at a time, one asana at a time, becomes the mantra in difficult situations, both on the yoga mat and in everyday life. Fortunately there are many pleasant moments, of which one becomes more aware and more often one can feel a sense of belonging to something bigger.

If you have particular problems or specific pains it is essential to talk with the teacher to find the right way to practice so that it is safe and beneficial.


Susanna Finocchi – BIO:

Since 2000 Susanna has lived and taught in Copenhagen, she is Level 2 Authorized by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois from KPJAYI Mysore, India. Together with her companion Jens Bache, she has founded and codirects the shala “Astanga Yoga Copenhagen” and she has organized and had the honor to host Sharath Jois in 2015, 2013, 2011, 2009 and in 2006 also Guruji , accompanied by Sharath and Saraswathi.
Since 2003 she has regularly visited Mysore to deepen the practice with Sharath and Guruji, while her first trips were in 1995 and 1996. She has started Astanga Yoga in Rome in 1993, since 1997 she has taught regular classes and more recently gives workshops in Italy, Germany, occasionally in Finland and Sweden. She is studying Sanscrit at the University of Copenhagen and when in Mysore , she is studying chanting, philosophy and Sanscrit with Lakshmish, Dr Jayashree and Prof. Narasimhan. She finds inspiration from the teaching of Eddie Stern, Peter Sanson and Prof. Ken Zysk.
Beeing always interested in physical activities, introspection and in the use of natural remedies. Susanna finds in the practice of Astanga Yoga, the perfect synthesis of all these elements.


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