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How to Choose the Perfect Location
for a Yoga Retreat

Going on a yoga retreat is one of the most life-changing experiences you can have. It presents opportunities for reconnecting — be it with other people, with nature, or with oneself. It has also become a way for people to improve their physical fitness, clear their heads, and deepen their spirituality.

That said, there are so many retreats in different parts of the world that it might be a little difficult to choose just one. To help you narrow down your choices, here are some important considerations for choosing the location of your next yoga retreat.


How far are you willing to travel? Many people opt to escape from their everyday lives, even for just a short while, and choose retreats on the other side of the world. This is something that you might consider doing, too. However, distance also plays a part in expenses. Though retreats in India, the birthplace of yoga, are relatively cheaper than retreats within Europe, several connecting flights can inflate costs, which might not be within your budget. Therefore, factoring in your expenses for traveling to and from your yoga retreat is a good first step to making a decision, especially if you have limited means.

Proximity to nature

Great retreats are often situated near nature, and for good reason. The Business Insider’s list of benefits of spending time outdoors includes improved memory, increased energy, lower blood pressure, and reduced stress. These overlap with the known benefits of a regular yoga practice, thus enhancing the rewards a yogi might take away from a retreat. Accessibility to the outdoors also means that there are more opportunities to explore and experience nature, which is a refreshing change for people who live in densely urban settings.

Availability of fresh ingredients

We at Yoga in Salento believe that food is nourishment, which is why fresh plant-based ingredients rich in nutrients are absolutely essential in the yogic diet. One valid reason to go on a retreat is to cleanse the body of toxins, some of which come from food, through a nutritious diet. By going on a week- or month-long retreat somewhere that prioritises this, you’ll also start getting used to making wiser decisions when it comes to food — a healthy habit that you can take home with you.

Weather and temperature

Exotic locations are popular among retreat-goers, but it’s important to note that the conditions, particularly the weather and temperature, are completely different. If you insist on heading to a hotter location or going on a retreat during the summer, make sure to come prepared with a water bottle and an array of personal care products. While everyone at least comes with sunscreen, Pretty Me emphasises that moisturiser is essential in the heat. It keeps your skin hydrated as well as keep the glands from overproducing oil. Those with skin problems, like eczema or psoriasis, will also need moisturiser to prevent inflammation that can worsen their condition. If you’re particularly sensitive to changes in weather, temperature, humidity, or season, then it would be good to rethink whether or not a tropical location is for you.

Surroundings and local culture

Bustle confirms that yoga is an effective calming technique, as many researchers have studied over the years. It controls the body’s stress response while producing hormones that promote happiness and calmness. Because of that, it’s essential to choose a location with a tranquil atmosphere. You don’t want to go on retreat to enter a state of relaxation, only to find that street noise can be heard from your room or that your yoga studio is a mess.

June 24th | Written by Aisa Chelsea | Exclusive for


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