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Aligned with Purpose 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – WITH JESS ROSE

In this 26 day immersive training you will dive deep into the mystery and science of yoga through both practical and theoretical approaches. By exploring a range of subjects including the physical asana practice and alignment, the history and scope of yoga, and yoga philosophy, your yoga will take on new depth, insight, and inspiration.

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This Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour teacher training will give you the techniques you need to deepen your personal yoga practice, the skills required to teach others in 4 different styles of yoga, and the courage to share your wisdom with the world. You will gain applied knowledge in anatomy, yoga kinesiology, intelligent alignment, beginner to advanced asana, and the art of assisting. Begin or deepen your meditation practice with daily mindfulness sessions and a one-day silent retreat. Tap into the wisdom of ancient yoga philosophy and explore the practical application of these ideas to our modern lives and practice. This course will ignite your passion for yoga, develop your voice as a teacher, and give you the confidence to craft classes that motivate and inspire others from a place of experiential wisdom and embodiment of the teachings.

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Tim sarà lieto di dare il benvenuto agli studenti per questo lungo ritiro di una settimana nel Salento. TIM STEEL RITIRO DI ASHTANGA E DHARMA YOGA CON TIM STEEL 24 - 31 Luglio 2021  Descrizione del ritiroOgni giorno inizierà con un'ora di meditazione e...

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Satsang Retreat – Naropa

Questa settimana l’insegnante spirituale olandese Naropa offrirà un seminario di satsang.
Il ritiro include la recitazione del Gayatri Mantra e la meditazione vipassana al mattino. Nel pomeriggio o la sera continueremo con il satsang e il canto dei Bhajans insieme al gruppo di mantra Savituryia. Avremo anche il tempo di fare escursioni per esplorare la bellissima zona Salentina.

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Making Time For Yoga With A Busy Schedule

Making Time For Yoga With A Busy Schedule Think you don't have time for yoga? Think again. While many of us lead busy lives, there's always time to squeeze in some restorative yoga -- which could give you more energy to manage other areas of your life. Why You Need To...

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How to Choose the Perfect Location for a Yoga Retreat

How to Choose the Perfect Location for a Yoga Retreat Going on a yoga retreat is one of the most life-changing experiences you can have. It presents opportunities for reconnecting — be it with other people, with nature, or with oneself. It has also become a way...

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Perché una vacanza e soggiorno di ayurveda in Salento?

Perché una vacanza e soggiorno di ayurveda in Salento? Un soggiorno di ayurveda in Salento è un’ottima opportunità per ritrovare te stesso, la tua salute, il tuo equilibrio. In questa epoca culturalmente viene dato, ad esempio, poco valore ad un...

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