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April 10-15
A Mindfulness Approach to Relaxation and Stress Reduction
Learn the skills to share Restorative Yoga practices safely and effectively

with ATEEKA & Ola Borud

All Action Begins in Rest
True and deep relaxation of the body and nervous system is at the root of all meditation practices.
Getting in touch with our deeper inner movements can bring us closer to our own life energy
As we learn to relax more deeply, we actually begin to open up and be-friend the ever-flowing movement of life energy.
Restorative Yoga is like a love-letter sent to your nervous system learning to open one’s senses, without engaging in passing impulse gives us more contact with life . . . and more relaxation in that contact.

An informative and experiential 5 day (40 hours) workshop with the intention of helping you to develop skills for sharing Restorative Yoga and creating a safe, contained and nourishing environment of healing for your students, clients, and patients. Each day you will be guided in practice and theory to learn the principles and practice of Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.
This course is an ideal immersion for yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, health care professionals physiotherapists, massage and bodywork therapists, dance and creative movement practitioners and teachers, and anyone curious about enhancing their own potential for self-healing.

  • Experience and learn to teach classic and innovative somatic based Restorative Yoga postures.
  • Practice, principles, and theory of Restorative/Relaxation Yoga.
  • Practice, principles, and theory of Mindfulness Meditation – both seated and reclining
  • Body, breath and tissue reading skills.
  • Posture variations and use of supportive props to meet your students’ individual needs.
  • Nervous System Resets to help your students relax into a deep state of regenerative response.
  • The important use of hands-on contact for support of the practice.
  • Specific breathwork and pranayama practices for deep relaxation and healing.
  • Specific protocols for teaching Restorative Yoga to those with chronic health issues.
  • How sound and music affects the body-mind and use of sound/music in class.
  • The use of Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils in Restorative Yoga.


I am inspired to share a contemporary perspective of yoga that is immediate, fluid and experiential. It is a healing and meditative process infused with a tantric attitude and the grace of many teachers, guides and masters. Rather than committing to a particular yoga system or lineage, perhaps we shall say that the experiential self-development work that we dive into comes from the “lineage of life!”

My teachings reflect and encourage the innate intelligence of your bio-system by bridging traditional yoga studies, modern somatic approaches, meditative techniques and inquiry towards consciousness.
When you come to one of my classes, you can expect an exploratory, changing, growing and evolving process towards centered being-ness through your own body and experience. No class is ever the same and each offers an opportunity to move deeper into the movement that is initiated by the fluid systems of the body.
It is a yoga of possibilities. . . of exploring our evolutionary ancestry, elemental heritage and energetic spectrum . . . of natural intelligence and playfulness and fluidity and compassion.
It is my hope that my teachings are as much without doctrine or dogma or hierarchy as possible while nurturing a great respect for the wisdom I have received from my teachers and their lineages. My intent is to create a grounded, open and flowing environment that my students can learn from and contribute to.
My background includes extensive practice and teacher training in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Integral and Kundalini Yoga. Continuum Movement has had a great influence on my developments in yoga and I logged more than 300 hours of study of Continuum with its founder, Emilie Conrad before her death in early 2014. Her teachings are still very influential in my work today.

A dream has come true in the fall of 2012 in the publishing of my first book, LOVE IS UNDER MY SKIN: Experiments in Living Yoga.

I have produced 2 Yoga instructional videos “Yoga With Ateeka” which it has been translated and distributed in English, Mandarin Chinese, Italian and Spanish and Yoga-AntiStress: Restorative Yoga with Ateeka in English and Italian. Also, 5 instructional audio CD’s available in “Divine Yoga Flow”, “Moon Cycle Yoga”, “Bliss”, “Free Your Mind” and “Return to Center”.

With writing as a deep passion, I have also co-authored TANTSU: A YOGA OF THE HEART and I am the creator, teacher, and practitioner of SOMATIC BODYWORK.

My nomadic spirit loves to travel internationally to share Yoga, Somatic and Bodywork practices. And my Taurean side with deep roots loves staying home, living close to nature with my chosen family.


Ola Borud is a mindfulness and meditation teacher, art therapist and self-development coach dedicated to helping others see themselves clearly and live life with empathy and personal power. Meditation has been an integral part of Ola’s life for over 20 years.

His enthusiasm for mindfulness meditation and other body-mind practices comes from his own discoveries with contemplative and therapeutic practices, including a daily sitting practice that has been inspired and informed by the teachings he has received from Vaekstcenter in Denmark. Ola has been practicing and learning with many teachers at the Vaekstcenter since 1998.

Ola’s background provides a solid and experiential foundation from which he guides others in the here-and-now to finding their way in a meditative practice.
Mindfulness meditation practice has also been a great influence on his work with challenged youth. He has worked for the past 15 years as a personal consultant to help improve the behavioral and emotional well-being of children and adolescents within the home, school, and institutional settings.
He holds a degree in Economics from the University of San Francisco and is a certified Art Therapist trained by SATTVA Kunstterapeutisk Institutt.

A few words from Ola about the way he works with others:

“Emotions can be difficult and frightening to face when you do not understand the life direction they will show you. Being unable to really access the power and direction of emotional energy is often because it can be difficult to look into unconscious aspects of own’s own psyche without guidance and support.

As the root of most emotions is in the unconscious, it is important to use tools that give access to the deeper aspects of oneself. When one can see more clearly the symbols and sometimes mysterious language of the unconscious, a contact can be made with the deeper energies. One must be able to have contact with their feelings before one can understand them.

In individual sessions, we work together through conversation, dream-work and creative expression, to help you discover and understand the deeper source of emotional and life processes so that you can find more clarity, understanding and ultimately, freedom in your life.”