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Have you ever taken into consideration during your summer holiday the option of a yoga retreat in Italy?
Why Italy? Why a yoga retreat?

The famous saying, “we are what we eat” has some value. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the experiences we live, create what we are. Not only the food nourishes our bodies but also affects the quality of our health and our energy. Choosing fresh, seasonal, natural, whole, organic, vegetarian and vegan food instead of refined processed foods has unequaled value and is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. One we can choose. One we can learn. A yoga retreat In Italy is a perfect occasion to learn about healthy food and experience how you will feel after a week or more eating in a different way.

Are you concerned about your health and how you can live a healthy life? Come to Agricola Samadhi, the organic farmhouse that hosts Yoga in Salento, the association that organizes the best yoga retreats in Italy.

Here you can spend your time in a stunning place surrounded by nature, eating bio vegan/vegetarian food and doing Yoga in Italy but in an International environment. All these three elements (food – yoga – nature) will allow you to rebalance yourself finding harmony and peace.

Agricola Samadhi is in an organic ‘Agriturismo’ (farm/host house and restaurant) with a beautiful garden, a wide swimming pool, vegetable garden, fruits and olive groves.  Italian food is amazing: what Italians know how to do best is cooking!

Our vegetarian and vegan meals are prepared with fresh products coming directly from our organic farm:  seasonal organic veggies picked and prepared daily! What else can you ask?

Would you like to know our philosophy better? Take a look at our food manifesto on youtube


Join us in our oasis of peace, fall in love with the location, the food, the territory. Come to Agricola Samadhi for your best experience of a Yoga retreat in Italy, or just for a relaxing holiday. Salento is the South of Apulia region, the heel of the Italian “boot”, 250 km of splendid coastline and towns rich of charming historical sites, stunning sea, and mind-blowing sun.

We love to take good care of our guests as we work with dedication and passion because we LOVE what we do!