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When Francesca Maniglio founded YIS Yoga in Salento, she had a clear idea of what it would become: a place focused on the well-being of people in every aspect of their life: the relationship with food, with our body, with ourself, with others and with the earth, Mother Earth. This vision came into life in Agricola Samadhi, an organic farmhouse in the heart of Salento, the heel of the Italian boot, in Zollino, a village in the province of Lecce. It’s a place that over the years has become a real laboratory where you can live a positive change and an authentic experience. You will come back home with renewed energy and a stronger awareness. Agricola Samadhi, thanks to the incessant work of YIS Yoga in Salento, became a place of profound change for everyone. Even at our restaurant, behind every dish you will find a story, our way of living and our love for nature. Our recipes are completely dedicated to a healthy, balanced and organic diet, and they are prepared by international experts in natural, plant based, cruelty-free cuisine. Vegan cuisine means all this at Agricola Samadhi.

We are living in challenging times all around the world. The hashtag #daretobewell was born during the pandemic and it’s is our invitation to deal with the present.

But what does it mean?

The word “DARE” has a different meaning in English and in Italian, but both meanings are perfectly suited to the message we intend to convey. In Italian to give … ‘DARE’ becomes an imperative that highlights how without this propulsive energy it is not possible to take responsibility for your own life. “Do ut des” said the Latins. Without • DARE •, without this push, it is not possible to make any kind of change, we experience this daily on the mat. This force is sacred, it is the force of change. The more you give and the more you receive, the direction becomes clearer and stronger, this is your path.

In English “DARE” means ‘to risk’. In order to feel good you have to take the risk, having the courage implies getting out of your comfort zone.
We must “dare to hope.” It is a deep reflection. The greatest limits are often unknowingly self-imposed because we think we are not able to come alive or do not deserve a full life, full of positive stimuli. In Yoga philosophy fear and doubt are considered ‘poison’: they paralyze us, they limit our courage, and life becomes a vicious circle like quicksand from which it is difficult to get out.

We have seen it in the pandemic as fear lowers the immune system, as negative thinking is harmful, both for the psyche and for the body. Fear transforms into immobility, closure, tension, which causes the lowering of vital energy!

Courage is life, it’s movement, it’s energy, it’s listening.

#Daretobewell is our invitation to overcome doubt, fear and “energetic” self-sabotage.

Everything is connected: one thought with the next thought, the thought with the action, one action with the next one.

If you click here you will explore our proposals for 2022 to give yourself a precious time: a transformative and regenerating yoga holiday.

The yoga retreats organized by YIS in Agricola Samadhi are powerful experiences made up of different ingredients, all of them are special.

Wonderful friendships have been born at Agricola Samadhi: you may arrive here alone but you will leave with new friends or you will find those you met the year before because the experiential vacation we offer allows you to relate to positive people with the same interests and values.

Yoga is the heart of our project but there is not only this, people choose to spend time in our splendid location surrounded by nature, in the “navel“ of Salento, a stone’s throw from the wonderful Sea of Salento (one among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean), to eat food fresh and healthy, tasty and gentle, plant based food, vegetable food, conscious food, vibrant food and therefore really good in the ‘full’ sense, prepared with the ingredients of our organic gardens.

Live an experience that will change your life forever!

So… dare to be well


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