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Self-care needs spaces in which we meet.
Spaces where we can hear the voice of our heart.
Spaces where we embrace our emotions.
Spaces where we can heal our wounds and continue on our way.
Spaces where we feel at one with the universe.


Summer retreat: Connect. Recharge & love yourself.
A retreat, a physical and spiritual journey to return to love

23 – 30 JULY 2022

Description of the retreat

Salento … the place of my heart, my homeland, where for 41 years I have had the pleasure of spending my summer holidays and recharging myself through its unique beauties. This year, I am delighted to invite you to spend a week of yoga in this earthly paradise, where you will have time and space to take care of your body, heart and soul.

We will be hosted by the Samadhi farm, a wonderful farmhouse, an oasis in all respects surrounded by the Salento countryside, a few kilometers from the beautiful beaches with crystal clear water.

What awaits you:
Most of us live in a hectic world, where duties, responsibilities, individual and global changes affect our life, our well-being and above all our state of mind. We try to create a thousand mental strategies to (above) live and we forget to take the space to connect with our heart, our soul, where finally the strength, the basis and the essence of and for our life starts: l ‘love.

When we take our time and connect with our essence, we return home. When we are connected with our essence, we can heal our wounds, feel strong, rediscover lightness. When we connect with our heart, we have new inspirations and ideas, we are able to create amazing things in life, face challenges with grit, and flow with the flow of life without much resistance. When we are connected with our heart and soul, we become softer, we become “human beings”, able to feel compassion and true love for our neighbor and above all for ourselves at any time in life. This is the basis of self-care, of self-love which in turn is the root for a balanced and peaceful life.

In this retreat you will have space and time to reconnect, recharge, love and take care of yourself at 360 degrees.

Through the regular practice of meditation, vinyasa flow yoga, energy work and other practices combined with the wonders that this place has to offer, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself completely in your essence, center yourself and elevate your energies. Time and space to strengthen the body, clear the mind and expand awareness. A physical and spiritual journey to return to love.

Are you there?
I can not wait.

With love, Maria Grazia

morning: 7.30-9.30: meditation, vinyasa flow yoga
3 afternoon lessons: 17.00-19.00: restorative yoga, workshops etc.


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The YIS retreat centre is located in Zollino, in the heart of the Salento. Twenty minutes from both coasts and from cultural centres such as Lecce, Otranto and Gallipoli.

Our yoga retreats are also an opportunity to get together, share good moments, pamper yourself and enjoy the beauty of the Salento in a peaceful environment. Give yourself an energetic recharge through vegan and vegetarian organic food, eco-sustainable tourism and relaxation in our spaces.

Our staff are at your disposal for the entire duration of the retreat to advise you about the must–see places in the Salento, organise excursions, guided tours, gastronomic tours, transfers, rentals and anything else to make your stay enjoyable.

For all information, call +39 0836 600284 or send an email to info@yogainsalento.com.



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The Location

Our retreats take place at Agricola Samadhi, a unique organic farmhouse because it proposes something more than just recreation.

In this charming oasis, the lifestyle revolves around well being: you can combine your stay with a SPA, Ayurvedic consultations and treatments, and a wide range of massages and more.

You can regain your well being through a variety of top–level yoga classes. There is also a SPA Healing Centre and the HQ of YIS, Yoga In Salento, a European leader in yoga retreats, for years a favourite destination of the best internationally renowned teachers in the world.

An energy recharge and psycho–physical well being will be the most precious gifts of your stay that you’ll take home with you, together with the new friendships you’ve made during the retreat.


7 nights

6 brunches

7 vegetarian dinners

1 breakfast

double, single or shared rooms

A very wide swimming pool and beautiful gardens

Spa Healing Center. Treatments and massages on request

Yoga In Salento - ritiri yoga, corsi di yoga Lecce

Via Stazione, 116, 73010 Zollino LE, Italy

My name is Maria Grazia Stomeo, I was born and raised in Zurich in a family of Apulian origin. I completed a university course and I had various work experiences in the business also abroad, until I started creating my job after following the call of my heart. Here is my story briefly.

I have been teaching yoga since 2011. I have organized and conducted more than 60 workshops and retreats in Europe and India. In the meantime my work has evolved. I continue to organize yoga, personal growth and spirituality events, I write, create and conduct individual Soul Life Sessions via skype.

I consider myself a soul and a sunny woman, empathetic, simply vulnerable and at the same time strong and courageous with her feet on the ground. I am curious about the dynamics of life, of spirituality and I have a great desire to create and above all to share. I love nature, I love to travel and discover new cultures. Thanks to my passion and my work that I have built over the years, I have visited more than 50 countries. I am especially passionate about India, where I spent some time, attending courses in the spiritual fields, yoga and ayurveda. I have always been passionate about relationships and the search for the meaning of life. I myself have gone through some difficult times, especially in managing my limiting emotions and beliefs that led me to hit rock bottom. They were moments of great suffering that marked my soul but at the same time they were moments of great growth. Turning moments that led me to the beginning of my spiritual journey starting with yoga through awareness of the body, mind and soul. A love at first sight, a love that has become a lifestyle, a love that pushed me to deepen the philosophy of yoga, shamanism, positive psychology, health, well-being, the energetic world, the human being , emotions etc. All issues concerning life. A love that brought me closer to spirituality, because life is spirituality. A love that taught me to give more space to my sensitivity and intuition. A love that turned out to be a mission: to evolve, love me, connect with my essence, create harmony and share all this with the world.

I am a person like many others, I am vulnerable, I feel and live the sufferings, weaknesses, beliefs and blocking emotions, familiar to us all, on my skin and I try to face and transcend them. Since 2008 I have regularly invested time and energy in my personal and spiritual journey, creating more and more harmony in my life.

An investment, a real work in progress to discover myself, my light. I am convinced that in addition to the training and certificates obtained, this is what makes me a good coach and teacher.
We all carry a light that wants to shine within us. To find out, you have to turn inwards.

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