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8 days towards more light, alignment and alchemy in your life!


Rowena Johnson

Isabella Rossi

MAY 9 – 16, 2020


Light on Life!

Jivamukti Yoga meets Tantric Arts


Description of the retreat

Join us in South Italy at the amazing historical retreat venue “Agricola Samadhi” in the beautiful region Salento. Together we’ll take a pause from our daily routines to dive into yogic & tantric practices that open us up to experience and growth. Meet yourself and the others on a deeper level: activate and connect with your body, challenge and quiet your mind, expand and share your inner being with our unique blend of ancient and modern wisdom.

8 days towards more light, alignment and alchemy in your life!

In a wonderful venue, with a breath-taking nature and a beautiful group of other likeminded beings, we will share the powerful practices of Jivamukti Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Kirtan, as well as a variety of Tantric Arts such as dynamic meditations, ecstatic dance, painting and rituals.

This retreat is suitable for anybody who feels the call towards more awareness and joy in life. We will connect, share and explore together and return home with more consciousness, openness and a dancing heart!


Samadhi Café and the Sun Kitchen of the venue will provide delicious & nutritious vegan food for brunch and dinner to support our journey in the best way. The meals are prepared almost exclusively with ingredients from the own garden or other organic products from the surrounding. Plenty of fruits, yogi teas and pure water will be available throughout the day. 


The Jivamukti asana practice is dynamic and can be challenging. Some experience of practicing vinyasa is recommended but beyond this practice is open to mixed levels of practitioners. The minimum requirement is a playful spirit. 



  • 07:00 Fruits, tea, and coffee
  • 07:30 meditation & yoga
  • 09:30 Breakfast 
  • 10:30 Free time
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Free time
  • 16:30/17:00 afternoon programme
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • Evening programme 


On Tuesday you will have a free day to explore the beautiful natural surroundings, lovely treat you with one of the marvellous Ayurvedic treatments, Thai or Shiatzu massages at the venue’s healing and wellness SPA or to take a horse ride or even a boat trip. All are possible and we are happy to help you to organize an unforgettable day. If you choose to stay behind to relax, rest assured that brunch and dinner will still be provided at the retreat centre on this day.




Saturday 09.05.2020/Arrival Day

15:00                Check in

17:00                Opening circle and Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra

19:00                Wonderful dinner and good night!


Saturday 16.05.2020/Departure Day

08:00 – 09:00    Brunch and time to say goodbye and see you soon on our next retreat!

10:00                Check out



The nearest airport is Brindisi “Papola Casale” about 50 km from Zollino; taxi service and car rentals are available at the airport as well. We can organize group pick up at Brindisi airport for an extra charge. Alternatively, Bari Airport is less than 2h drive from Zollino.


You can book directly at the venue info@yogainsalento.com


Isabella Rossi Prem Lalitya


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Rowena Johnson



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6 days wIth two international teachers 

6 morning sessions

afternoon in-depth classes

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The YIS retreat centre is located in Zollino, in the heart of the Salento. Twenty minutes from both coasts and from cultural centres such as Lecce, Otranto and Gallipoli.

Our yoga retreats are also an opportunity to get together, share good moments, pamper yourself and enjoy the beauty of the Salento in a peaceful environment. Give yourself an energetic recharge through vegan and vegetarian organic food, eco-sustainable tourism and relaxation in our spaces.

Our staff are at your disposal for the entire duration of the retreat to advise you about the must–see places in the Salento, organise excursions, guided tours, gastronomic tours, transfers, rentals and anything else to make your stay enjoyable.

For all information, call +39 0836 600284 or send an email to info@yogainsalento.com.



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The Location

Our retreats take place at Agricola Samadhi, a unique organic farmhouse because it proposes something more than just recreation.

In this charming oasis, the lifestyle revolves around well being: you can combine your stay with a SPA, Ayurvedic consultations and treatments, and a wide range of massages and more.

You can regain your well being through a variety of top–level yoga classes. There is also a SPA Healing Centre and the HQ of YIS, Yoga In Salento, a European leader in yoga retreats, for years a favourite destination of the best internationally renowned teachers in the world.

An energy recharge and psycho–physical well being will be the most precious gifts of your stay that you’ll take home with you, together with the new friendships you’ve made during the retreat.


7 nights

6 brunches

7 vegetarian dinners

1 breakfast

double, single or shared rooms

A very wide swimming pool and beautiful gardens

Spa Healing Center. Treatments and massages on request

Isabella Rossi

Isabella Prem Lalitya:

Hello! I’m Isabella Prem Lalitya, a phoenix, explorer and true lover of life.

I grew up in a family devoted both to arts and sciences, and since ever have been fascinated by the possibility of the human potential and magically attracted by the infinite aspects of human expansion and transformation. After years as a successful entrepreneur in the fashion business, whilst simultaneously walking my own spiritual path of healing and presence, I decided to let go and gave myself space to follow my heart, my joy and my bliss. I shifted my life dedicating to go deeper into myself and to share my own embodied experience that a beautiful conscious, creative, nourishing and spacious life is possible for everybody in the here and now.

My self-discovery and self-love journey moved over many years from dancing tango, to practicing and learning Yoga, to approaching and studying Humanistic Therapies and flowed into the wisdom of Tantra. With a curious mind and an open heart, I keep on walking, learning, sharing, traveling the world and expanding through this wonderful mystery called life.

I hold a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, an education in Gestalt Therapy and am currently studying at the SAT-Program, a training program developed by the pioneer of humanistic psychology Dr. Claudio Naranjo for all those who want to go beyond the therapeutic level in their work with people and who attach importance to embodying this dimension themselves.

I studied yoga over the years in India and Spain and am certified with Yoga Alliance as yoga teacher in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra, now practicing and teaching around the world.

As a heartful OSHO Sannyasin, I integrate in my life and work different awareness meditation and creative art techniques from the OSHO tradition and am a certified AUM meditation leader. I love feeling and celebrating life through dance as a passionate dancer of Tango, Ecstatic Dance and 5 Rhythms: Out of the head into the body!

The path of Tantra met me some years ago and since then I’ve been experiencing, learning and deep loving Tantra at international trainings and workshops in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Israel and Koh Phangan and graduated at ISTA – The International School of Temple Arts in Level 1 and Level 2, where I am currently assisting. I’m also part of the team of the Women Who See in the Dark.

Out of my own experience I’ve created • LALITYA Light on Life • where I love to blend ancient and modern wisdoms, tools, sciences, arts and rituals from Occident and Orient to support health, wellbeing, growth and love in life. My approach to transformation is to holistically integrate the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of human being by offering you a safe container to explore, expand, trust and evolve through the connection with yourself and the others. I support you to feel, remember, release, break open, come back home to yourself, blossom and inspire so that your awareness increases, and beautiful nourishing shifts have space to rise naturally in your daily life. I stimulate and encourage you to become the best artist of your own life, together we can remove the veils and alchemize body, mind, heart and soul. Let’s walk together for a while!


Rowena Johnson

Hi, I’m Rowena and I am a yoga student and teacher of Jivamukti & Ashtanga yoga. I am also a lead teacher on a Yoga Teacher Training in India.

Like many others, I first started practicing yoga asana for the its physical benefits. I stumbled into the world of Jivamukti yoga by chance. I arrived at my local yoga studio too late to join my usual class. That was my first experience of the yoga practices that exist outside of asana. I found the Jivamukti practice to be quite transformational, opening a deeper level of awareness of body, mind and spirit. Curiosity awakened by the practice of Jivamukti, I decided to go on a yoga retreat. I choose my destination based on a recommendation. That recommendation led me to India. That recommendation was how I came to my daily practice of Ashtanga, the practice that revealed to me the patterns and limitations of the mind. 

Continued curiosity and a desire to deepen my practice led me to the decision to embark on my first 200hr teacher training. When I completed my training, I realised I was only at the beginning of my yoga journey. 

Since then I have gone on to study and receive further training in the Jivamukti Yoga method, undertaking an additional 800hrs hours of training. I have studied and continue to study each year with the co-founders of the method, Sharon Gannon and David Life.

Sharon and David are pioneers who have put spiritual activism at the heart of the practice. This method resonates deeply with me because it is grounded in the belief that yoga has the power to transform not only the practitioner but the way in which the practitioner relates to the world.

This core belief is expressed through 5 tenets, which form the foundation of Jivamukti Yoga:

Ahimsa: A nonviolent, compassionate lifestyle extending to other animals, the environment and all living beings.

Bhakti: Offering the efforts of our practice to a force that is higher than ourselves, supreme consciousness.

Dhyana: Meditation; connecting to the unchanging source within.

Nada: The development of the sound body and mind through deep listening

Shastra: Exploration of ancient yogic teachings and Sanskrit chanting.

During the week you will experience each for the 5 tenants as we will move consciously through yogic practices that will leave you feeling reinvigorated and fully present.



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