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Yoga Synergy is a comprehensive method for practicing and teaching traditional yoga for the modern body.

The more we practice yoga, the more we awaken and are able to guide others in this process of realizing our incredible human vitality.

Practice is the key, and at Yoga Synergy we use methods to make the practice safe, responsive, dynamic, meditative and fun.

04 – 31 May 2024


Description of this Yoga Teacher Training

YOGA SYNERGY RETREAT & TEACHER TRAINING: Move Free & Easy With 5 Dimensional Flow

Embark on a transformative journey with Simon Borg-Olivier in our one-month event, featuring both a rejuvenating retreat and an intensive teacher training. You can choose.

Simon workshops & retreats generally include static to dynamic meditative practices of posture, movement & breath work, including Qigong and Yoga. They also contain elements of dance, non-contact martial arts, and exercise-based physiotherapy. The general format is as follows:

Morning Sessions:

Morning sessions are usually about 3 hours long. They often begin with some breathwork with sound and chanting, leading to seated meditation practice. Next are joint movements originating from your body’s core. Then I usually teach a spinal movement practice followed by some seated breathwork. The morning session usually concludes by integrating these practices into a fluid dynamic meditative session to various types of music. These practices enhance energy and blood circulation while staying completely relaxed and supporting immune health.

Afternoon Sessions:

Afternoon sessions are usually about 3 hours long. In these sessions, I use the energetic aspects of the morning practice to develop a yoga posture, movement, and breathing practice. This is along the lines of the Yoga Synergy system we developed in coordination with our understanding as exercise-based physiotherapists over the last 30 years. These practices build strength, flexibility and fitness while maintaining the energy and inner peace of the meditative state, akin to the elite athlete’s zone or flow state.

Each part of the teaching is initially taught with verbal instructions and then repeated as a visually-guided meditative practice to various types of music.

Retreat Mode:

1. Serene morning practices only, or morning and afternoon practices

2. Reduce pain and stress

3. Foster mental clarity and relaxation

Teacher Training Mode:

1. Dive into a profound month-long immersion

2. Learn the unique 5-Dimensional (5-D) Flow system that can be a foundation for all movement, exercise and therapy systems

3. Align with your body’s natural blueprint for longevity

Unlock the potential to live pain-free, stress-free, and energized by:

1. Improving circulation without elevating heart rate

2. Gaining strength while staying relaxed

3. Fostering energy efficiency without strenuous efforts

4. Improving flexibility without needed to do strong stretching

Simon’s teachings extend to:

1. Relieving specific joint pain

2. Releasing trauma and tension

3. Balancing hormones and revitalizing your entire being

4. Improving energy levels

Throughout the course, you’ll:

1. Connect with your gut-brain for enhanced immune function and internal health

2. Reset your nervous system for a calm yet energized state

3. Share positive energy with your cells and restore natural regenerative breathing

Join us in this holistic journey to embody health, love, and happiness through the 5-D Flow, fostering a less stressful approach to exercise that harmonizes mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Meet Simon Borg-Olivier:

Embark on a transformative journey with Simon Borg-Olivier.

Simon Borg-Olivier, stands as one of the world’s most esteemed yoga masters, with over 55 years of dedicated practice, co-founder of the Synergy Yoga Method, whose teachings blend the essence of Indian traditions, martial arts, and cutting-edge physiotherapy, bringing forth healing, transformation, and a harmonious integration of ancient and contemporary principles.

Intelligent Synthesis: His method seamlessly fuses insights from Indian yoga traditions, Chinese martial arts, and avant-garde Australian physiotherapy principles.

Healing Legacy: Simon’s teachings have empowered many to transform their lives, fostering physical and mental healing through the integration of diverse ancient practices and cutting-edge physiotherapy.

Simon travels across the globe, imparting his transformative method that ingeniously synthesizes Indian traditions, martial arts, and contemporary physiotherapy principles offering a pathway to life transformation and holistic well-being.

Key Achievements:

• Educational Background: Holder of a Master’s degree in Biology. Simon is a registered Physiotherapist, graduating from the avant-garde Australian physiotherapy school, recognized as the most advanced in the world. His transformative journey includes studying under legendary yoga and masters, such as BKS Iyengar, and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois; Master Zhen Hua Yang and many others

• Global Recognition: Featured in renowned publications like The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Well Being Magazine, and The Compassionate Road.

Academic and Authorial Contributions:

Academic Standing: Serves as a research scientist and university lecturer, contributing significantly to exercise, meditation, therapy, nutrition, and life coaching fields.

Literary Legacy: Co-authored numerous books and scientific articles, including the widely recognized ‘Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga,’ a textbook for courses at RMIT University.

Intelligent Synthesis: His method seamlessly fuses insights from Indian yoga traditions, Chinese martial arts, and avant-garde Australian physiotherapy principles.

Healing Legacy: Simon’s teachings have empowered many to transform their lives, fostering physical and mental healing through the integration of diverse ancient practices and cutting-edge physiotherapy.

Week 1: Liberation of Movement

Experience the foundation of 5-D Flow to liberate your body from pain and stress. Simon will guide you in gentle moving and stationary meditative practices, initiating the process of self-regulation and fostering a calm nervous system.

Week 2: Flexibility Unleashed

Dive into the fluid spinal movements include combinations of forward and backward bending, side-bending and twisting, that maximize flexibility without the strong stretching feeling or the risks that most other flexibility training carries. Simon’s teachings will also help you understand the art of becoming stronger while maintaining a relaxed state.

Week 3: Energetic Resilience

Explore the expansion/contracting movements to activate your body as a pump, improving energy efficiency and optimize breathing to learn effective and functional breath control and internal energy control (the essence of true pranayama). Learn to release trauma, tension, and stress by connecting with special bridges between your conscious and unconscious mind that are at the seat of hatha yoga and often misunderstood.

Week 4: Harmonizing Health

Discover the synergy of balancing hormones and enhancing overall health. Simon will guide you in resetting your nervous system, restoring natural regenerative breathing, and sharing positive energy with your cells.

Join us for this unique 4-week somatic movement course with Simon Borg-Olivier. Align your intention with the embodied movement techniques of each week to harness your body’s natural blueprint for longevity and cultivate holistic well-being.

For those of you doing the teacher training options, you will learn how to share these techniques with others, Simon’s course can help you to teach simple posture and movement, breathing and mental control to give anyone at any age or fitness level improvements in terms of health, happiness and longevity.

Simon will also guide you in being able to teach the practice in a way that looks like yoga, or it can look like a gentle, dynamic movement practice, and it can be used to help people deep in their understanding and practice of any somatic or embodied system including martial arts, dance, gymnastics, any sport, and especially to improve the therapeutic potential of any physical modality.

Simon Borg Olivier

Simon Borg-Olivier, MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) APAM c-IAYT, has been practicing traditional forms of posture, movement, breathing, and mental control for 50 years. He has been teaching for 40 years and has been a registered physiotherapist for 25 years. 

Simon works as a research scientist and a University lecturer. He has been regularly invited to teach about lifestyle, posture, movement, breathing, and meditation at conferences, festivals, and intensive teacher training courses internationally since 1990.

He is also co-director of YogaSynergy, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected yoga schools, which has a style based on a deep understanding of modern medical science and traditional forms of exercise and therapy from all over the world. 

Simon has studied with great traditional masters from Tibet, Japan, India, and China. Along with his business partner and fellow physiotherapist, Bianca Machliss, Simon has co-authored many books and scientific articles including ‘Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga’, which is the textbook for two courses they teach at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. 

Currently, Simon conducts intensive training courses in India, Bali, Europe, and Australia. He also teaches many online courses on the applications of posture, movement, and breathing for fitness, internal health, wellbeing, and longevity.

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Our Yoga retreats take place at Agricola Samadhi, a unique organic farmhouse because it proposes something more than just recreation.

In this charming oasis, the lifestyle revolves around well being: you can combine your stay with a SPA, Ayurvedic consultations and treatments, and a wide range of massages and more.

You can regain your well being through a variety of top–level yoga classes. There is also a SPA Healing Centre and the HQ of YIS, Yoga In Salento, a European leader in yoga retreats, for years a favourite destination of the best internationally renowned teachers in the world.

An energy recharge and psycho–physical well being will be the most precious gifts of your stay that you’ll take home with you, together with the new friendships you’ve made during the retreat


1 week

6 lunches per week

7  dinners per week

double, single or shared rooms

A very wide swimming pool and beautiful gardens

Spa Healing Center. Treatments and massages on request

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