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YIS Yoga In Salento Association present a tribute to Marcel Marceau I, an event with Baptiste Marceau, son of the famous mime Marcel Marceau and Elena Serra, assistant for more than 20 years of the famous actor.

Mime and Yoga workshop : July 20 – 27

In this workshop the union of YOGA AND MIMO will deepen the knowledge of the body and the spirit.

Everyone will be able in a playful way to find the “GAME” of the child within himself, experimenting with the techniques of breathing, metamorphosis and incarnation, with the world around us.

Thus becoming fire, air, earth, water, human, will become the journey of knowledge and introspection almost like MIMARE means RENAISSANCE freer, more aware thanks to a sort of “human theatrical game”, in communion with the surrounding way.

As Shakespeare used to sai “THE WORLD AND AN IMMENSE THEATER”, in the seminar it will not therefore be necessary to imagine actors or mimes, but simply human beings eager to translate universal emotions.

The techniques of the study of the hands, the walks, the metamorphoses, the ages of life, the tragicomic, the symbolic and the sacred will be explored. Through a series of physical exercises where the body will translate everything, where the identification with the matter will be deepened thanks to breathing.

In this workshop Baptiste will teach the basics of hatha yoga vinyasa and its secrets: the inner closures (bandha) the most important kriyas (nauli) the introduction to the science of pranayama the intense breathing that accompanies it.

It will be a work of balance and harmonization, a bond with nature to recover our atrophied senses and get our feet back on the ground!


Actress, director, mime and pedagogue for over 30 years Elena Serra has been the assistant of the great master of Silence Marcel Marceau for 20 years. His multidisciplinary training (Dance, Theater, Mime, Yoga) orientation towards a pedagogy in which the body becomes the true creative tool to use universal emotion. His work on the body is a real journey of human introspection that deepens the freedom and harmony of the human being.