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MARCH 29 – 31

Danza Sensibile®
training seminar
with Claude Coldy

From 29 to 31 March as part of the Open Call training meetings Practices Corporee de La Fabbrica dei Gesti, Claude Coldy will hold his training workshop in Danza Sensibile®.

Danza Sensibile® training seminar with Claude Coldy

? What is Sensitive Dance®?

The Sensitive Dance® is a practice that through conscious movement intends to lead to a greater knowledge of oneself, of the body, of perceptions and emotions.

Bringing one’s expression into the space of relationship, pedagogy or stage, is an action that matures over time, and requires a long and progressive deepening. We need solid and essential foundations to exploit our potential and generate a creative language, nourished by truth and coherence through the instrument of dialogue.

The proposal of Danza Sensibile® is to start from the sensitive listening to live one’s own dance of the present, the result of the dynamic dialogue between sensation, internal movement and their manifest expression, generating a language that sinks its being present in the relationship.



In this workshop we will experience the birth of the conscious movement through a journey that offers to revisit some of the fundamental stages of evolution, revisiting the process of verticalization of the human being, with the project to rediscover the meaning and potential contained in the form and structure of our body:

– some stages of phylogenetic memory, from the suspended cell to the vertical being: the breath, internal movement and external movement, tissue breath, relationship between structures and function …

– The touch, the look, the listening, that will allow to welcome what is born in the density of the bodies and in the depth of being, bringing to light a presence born of the truth that becomes dance, poetry, storytelling, joy, hospitality, life .

This seminar is aimed at performing artists, dancers, actors, researchers, teachers and group leaders with somatic orientation, therapists, and people with established practices of movement.




29, 30 and 31 March from 10.30 to 13.30 (lunch break) from 15.00 to 18.00

Participation fee 150 € – Registration deadline 4 March 2019


? Entries must be submitted no later than the date indicated for each respective laboratory to the e-mail, filling in and attaching the form in each event created on Facebook. For further information all communications must be sent to lafabbricadeigesti@gmail.com or by contacting 3475424126 (Stefania Mariano)

 The participation fees are not inclusive of registration and insurance.

The laboratories will take place when the minimum number of enrollments equal to 8 participants is reached, the maximum number of members is 20.

Claude Coldy – BIO:

Dancer and choreographer, develops an original pedagogical research oriented towards the conscious practice of movement. In 1990 with the French osteopaths Jean Louis and Marie Dupuy creates the Sensitive Dance; and since then he has conducted numerous seminars in Italy and abroad. Today she mainly dedicates herself to teaching Sensitive Dance®, she conducts seminars in study and nature and training cycles oriented mainly to transmission.

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the Fabbrica dei Gesti, founded in 2007, directed by Stefania Mariano is an artistic, creative, somatic, expressive research tool, through which to experience, live and live, entering into relationship with oneself and with the other. It is a “transmission channel” that transfers practices, contents, methodologies, tools, information, through which we can search and re-search, explore and explore, observe and observe, know and know each other.


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