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July 13 – 20

Vitality and Balance retreat with Denis Dochioiu and Ela
Mare – Meditation and Yoga from the Himalayas

Join this 2 meditation and yoga master trainers from the Sattva Yoga Academy – India – in a journey of self exploration. You will be initiated into an integrated meditation technique, and learn powerful tools to bring more vitality, joy and inner balance in your life.

Vitality and Balance retreat with Denis Dochioiu and Ela Mare – Meditation and Yoga from the Himalayas

We have designed this 7 days retreat to provide the most supportive environment for you to experience transformation and growth while also enjoying the beauty of the many Italian treasures, nourishing body, and mind with delicious organic food and fun activities.

You will be initiated to the Sattva Yoga meditation technique as well as practice Himalayan kundalini kriyas, vinyasa and hatha, all tailored into an integrated class, which will be activating and dynamic in the morning and meditative and subtle in the evenings.

Typical program: (subject to modifications especially during the afternoon sessions)

  • Morning puja and meditation
  • Break for tea and coffee
  • Morning yoga journey – dynamic and activating
  • Brunch
  • Afternoon activity may very – sometimes there will be a session about one specific practice that we are going to breakdown,
  • sometimes it will be an optional excursion.
  • Evening journey, meditative and subtle practice.
  • Dinner
  • Free time

Ela Mare – BIO:

Ela Mare was born in Italy where she lived until the age of 19 when she took up a journey that brought her to travel the world sharing her gifts mainly as yoga teacher/dancer/human rights defender/environmental activist.
She created Yogamare Retreats to elevate people consciousness and spiritual connection with Nature and their own infinite divine potential.

She aims at supporting human evolution and celebration through a diverse spectrum of yogic techniques coming mainly from the Tantric and Vedantic Tradition.

Now she lives in between Bali and Europe and in between retreats around the world she teaches at the Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh India, during the international Teacher Training.

Her yoga classes are a JOURNEY of exploration, where participants are called to awaken their own infinite power to create the life of their dreams.

Through the holistic approach of Sattva Yoga, she will guide you into sacred practices (a wide range of kriyas, pranayamas, meditations, asanas, and bodywork, etc) aiming at expanding and mastering your energy, deepen your connection to the divine within and without and ultimately become your own healer and live a life of vitality and abundance.

A passionate advocate of eco-sustainable solutions for a greener life, part of her dharma is spreading awareness and promoting a life of deeper connection and respect for Mother Nature.

Denis Dochioiu – BIO:

Denis Dochioiu is the founder of Life Yoga Center, a master trainer Sattva Yoga teacher and meditation initiator.

She was born in Romania, where she studied management and law, working in a corporation until a few years ago when she decided to quit her job and travel to India, seeking for the real purpose of life, where she dived deep into the ancient sacred teachings at Sattva Yoga Academy.

Now she spends her time between India at Sattva Yoga Academy, Europe, and Bali, where she guides teacher training and organise yoga workshops and retreats, creating supportive environments for growth and transformation, sharing the life-changing teachings of yoga.

She writes inspirational articles for Shape Magazine, a wellbeing magazine, and her dharma is to encourage, support and uplift the genuine seekers of transformation, living an abundant and joyful life.


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