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13-20 APRIL
20-27 APRIL

Ashtanga & Yin Yogas Spring
Ayurvedic Purification Retreat
with Melanie Georgiou

Undergo a deep cleansing of body, mind and soul based on principles of the ancient practice of panchakarma and supported by your daily Sadhana. Spring welcomes purification practices – Restore balance after eliminating toxins, achieving a true “reset” of the organism, which will acquire new energy and capacity of healing.

Ashtanga & Yin Yogas Spring
Ayurvedic Purification Retreat
with Melanie Georgiou

We will open each day together with seated meditation and some soft pranayama in order to reach a deep concentration and quiet state. We will then continue with a Mysore style practice.

Afternoons will unfold with your individual treatments, time off to reflect or to enjoy the beauty of Salento.

The late afternoon classes will alternate between Yin Yoga sessions or chanting with Melanie and lectures on Ayurveda with the Indian Doctor concerning nutrition and lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Purification
The first day, each participant will undergo an ayurvedic medical consultation to determine the personalized plan of care, adapted to individual constitution, doshic imbalance and contextualized on one’s current peculiar moment of life.
The type and duration of treatment and purification practices will be adapted to the yogis’s needs: it suggested a two-week residential in order to obtain a significant, long-lasting benefit.

The purification retreat has proved effective in boosting the immune system, slowing the cellular aging process, improving the effectiveness of herbs and medicines, regaining positive attitude and optimizing the energy exchange at cellular levels.

Melanie Georgiou – BIO:

Born in Switzerland, Melanie is a dedicated practitioner of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and has been practicing Vipassana mediation since her childhood. Passionate about the Ashtanga system from the very beginning, she diligently embraced the method and through repetition started to notice little changes – the process of transformation had begun. Ever since, Melanie’s faith in the wisdom of the system keeps growing as her commitment to the practice continues to open her heart, bringing her closer to her true self. She believes in the healing nature of time, the power of noble silence and the compassionate support of a yogic community. She now teaches from her Shala in Switzerland and holds meditation and yoga retreats.


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