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29 Luglio – 3 Agosto

Corso di cucina naturale in Salento

Unisci la vacanza in Salento con un corso di cucina vegana naturale in un agriturismo biologico!

This is a unique opportunity to relax, restore, energize and enjoy while learning to cook vegan. Every afternoon you can spend three hours learning from Caterina Mosca, vegan chef, and teacher, exploring recipes and exquisite flavours to improve your skills in the preparation of vegan delightful meals.

In the morning you will have the possibility to practice ashtanga with Ashtanga master David Williams, from Hawaii, the first non-Indian ashtangi. And if you have children during your course and/or practice time we have a special yoga for children week with Lorena Pajalunga and her Gioca Yoga teaching team.


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