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April 21 – 28

Dharma yoga retreat
with Mark Kan 

Be Strong, Be Receptive, Be the practice

Immerse yourself in a week long Dharma yoga retreat with Mark Kan and explore the essence of this dynamic practice in a creative and playful way with two daily classes led by Mark.

This unique physical practice aims to open up your whole body, juxtaposing backbends, with arm balances, twists with hand balances, and inversions with hip openers, taking you on a journey through the body, mind and senses. 

Chanting, pranayama and meditation techniques which will be taught each day to facilitate different levels of consciousness and different breathing patterns.

Experience the power of manifestation through Psychic Development techniques and the psychic sleep of Yoga Nidra.

So come and join us on what is sure to be a memorable and transformational week of Dharma Yoga. 


Dharma yoga is a system of classical Hatha Raja yoga based on the many decades of teachings from New York based Yogi Sri Dharma Mittra. It is a devotional practice that emphasizes radiant health, a clear mind and a compassionate heart.


Mark is the most senior Dharma Yoga teacher in the UK. Since he introduced the practice to London in 2008, over the past decade he has worked tirelessly to establish Dharma Yoga in London’s leading yoga studios and has grown a strong and dedicated Dharma Yoga community, inspiring many of his students to become Dharma Yoga teachers themselves. 

His classes are renowned for being physically and mentally challenging, inspired by the classes that Sri Dharma Mittra taught when he first practised with him in 2006.
Like his Guru, Mark’s teaching are rooted in the classical hatha raja yoga tradition, encompassing all aspects of the science of yoga – from the physical to the mental and spiritual.

He is a mentor on the Dharma Yoga teacher training faculty in New York and author of The Complete Yoga Tutor, published in 2013 for which Sri Dharma Mittra wrote the foreword.


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