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May 26 – June 2
Iyengar Yoga Retreat

Iyengar Yoga Retreat
with Maryam Askari

Iyengar yoga is a progressive, innovative, and intelligent approach to the practice of yoga. By paying close attention to anatomical details and the alignment of each posture, BKS Iyengar, the forefather of this world renown system, has developed the precision into this ancient practice.

This type of practice develops and cultivates strength, endurance, stability, awareness, and flexibility while emphasizing correct body alignment in each asana (posture).

The specific use of props such as blankets, bricks, and belts help individualize and modify  the asana according to the student’s need, and therefore has a therapeutic effect for the partitioner. In the way,the students are able to safely, and intelligently build and develop their practice of yoga. Iyengar’s unique approach to teaching asana from its foundational level and using props to individualize the asanas to meet each student’s need, allows for students of all ages and physical abilities to benefit from the practice of yoga.

Maryam Askari values the power of our mind as our greatest resource, and she uses asana and breath focus and still the mind. She believes, “where our thoughts go, our energy flows.” For her, this is the heart of the Iyengar yoga system.

The classes will be hold in english and in french.


Maryam Askari – BIO:

It is no coincidence that this world renowned yoga teacher has a packed house for her classes. Maryam Askari began yoga studies in 1991, continuing to study with the most experienced teachers in the U.S., Italy and France and is certified by the Iyengar Institute of Pune, India. Her sensitive teaching approach is immediately captivating and adapted to practitioners of all levels. Maryam constantly reminds her students that strength and flexibility are nothing without proper alignment.

Since childhood, Maryam has been curious about the nature of life and spiritual practice.
Her first yoga class initiated the deep desire to understand the role our thoughts play in creating our reality.

She considers the power of our mind our greatest resource, using asana and breath to focus and still the mind. As she says: “where our thoughts go, our energy flows.” This is the heart of the Iyengar yoga system.
Maryam co-founded the yoga studio Anjaliom in Paris 19eme and is the initiator of the world renown Yogaworks teacher training in France.

Maryam has the unique ability to simultaneously challenge, inspire, and nurture her students, gaining their affection and respect.

Thrown spontaneously into her first teaching experience by her own teacher, she has continued to approach her classes in a deeply personal and intuitive way. All her students feel like they are personally attended to in order to advance in their practice.

For her, each class is a brand new opportunity to connect with, and guide in the best possible way each individual with whom she works.


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