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Silence Vipassana retreat with Veronica Marziliano

A weekend dedicated to the perception of oneself and to the purifications of mind, body and spirit.

Noble Silence is essential during the retreat and its continuity is a fundamental success factor.
The Noble Silence is also at the level of looks and gestures.
The practice of Silence plays a vital role in spiritual life. It gives the possibility to the seeker to access his inter-world world, entirely hidden from the material world.

The purpose of Silence is not to have a state of emptiness and passivity, but on the contrary, increases the concentration of our power of thought. When we are in unison with ourselves, all our aspirations and all our ideas work harmoniously. Silence expands our superior nature.

Through the practice of silence and meditation, we will increase our level of mental concentration until we create a space to reconnect with our spirit.

The degree of mental concentration thus achieved will allow us to penetrate progressively in our body/mind, developing through direct experience a deeper understanding of reality.


22 March :
introduction of the retreat at 6.00 pm beginning of the Noble Silence

19.00 meditation session

8.00 pm dinner

9.30 pm, sitting meditation hour.

23 March:

6.30 am meditation session

7.30 breakfast

resumption activities 9.00 am with meditation session

10.00 am walk meditation

11.00 am meditation session

12.00 am reading questions and answer teacher

1.00 pm lunch. shooting activity

3.30 pm with sitting meditation

4.30 pm walking meditation

17.30 sitting meditation

6.30 pm reading questions and answering teacher with dharma talking

19.30 half hour of sitting meditation

8.00 pm dinner

9.30 pm half an hour of sitting meditation.

24 March:

6.30am session meditation

7.30 am breakfast activities

9.00 am with meditation session

10.00 am walk meditation

11.00 am meditation session

12.00 am reading questions answering master dharma talking and silencing the silence with the activity of shooting communication.

1.00 pm lunch

3.30 pm resumption of activity with sitting and end meditation. Silent Retreat.

Veronica Marziliano – BIO:

Dr. Veronica Marziliano Clinical and community psychologist, Cognitive Cognitive Psychotherapist and Teacher Training at the Center for the Mindfulness University of Massachussets.

She held several silent retreats with Saki Santorelli, Bob Stahl, Florence Meleus Meyer, Franco Cucchio, Lynn Koerbel and Elana Rosenbaum.


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