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3 DAYS SILENT RETREAT WITH Veronica Marziliano

Mindfulness and Vipassana retreat

This retreat is a time of intensive practice in which you cultivate and nourish that specific sense that is the basis of awareness practices.

The retreat will emphasize the profound knowledge of their own experiences through the practice of meditation of consciousness in its more universal and non-sectarian expression.

The intent is to bring the practice of awareness into the contemporary social context more and more in a way that protects and preserves the integrity and vitality of secular teachings by cultivating the essence of the practice of consciousness and dharma in a common and open language.

The retreat of silence has been designed to reflect and express the essential and universal approach of Mindfulness by promoting a rigorous experience but independent of a traditional and religious approach.

Vipassanā as a word means “insight” or “clear-seeing” into the nature of reality.  Vipassana is the name of a mediation technique in which the practitioner pays attention to sensations as they are, and learns how to accept them as they are. Finally, vipassana is one of three techniques taught by the Buddha about 2 500 years ago, along with anapana and metta.

The recent interest in the West in meditation relies a lot on “mindfulness”. At a conceptual level, “mindfulness” only asks you to pay attention to what is going on in a non-judgmental way and without over-reacting. You see the close relationship with the “See things as they are” theme above.In a way, “mindfulness” is the overall mindset one should adopt to pay attention all the time to everything — some kind of an extension into everyday life of the formal meditation practice. 


Silence is to be maintained during the retreat.

The noble silence is a deeper act that allows us to come into contact with one of the most significant human resources: LISTENING.

Veronica Marziliano – BIO:

Veronica Marziliano is a constructive cognitive psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, expert in teaching mindfulness, training at the Center for Mindfulness, Medical School of Massachusetts.


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