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Yoga and Communication.
Developing creativity and ability to express themselves

Practicing yoga is not to escape from the world but to face life with greater energy, determination and awareness

An intense weekend to learn yoga and meditation techniques that act on mental energy and concentration.

Objectives to be achieved together:
Gain confidence, confidence in ourselves and in our talent, eliminating performance anxiety. Public speaking stress. Increase awareness and ability to reason. Staying centered. Like more ourselves, Enhance the ability to relate and communicate. Increase the self-control of body and mind. Strengthen the nervous system. Dissolve emotional blocks. Let out our voice. Expand the attention. Expand the emotional and physical energy. Improve brain connections and intuition. Enhance breathing capacity and memory. Focus the mind. Reason with clarity, be more responsive and prepared to respond.

Federica Morrone – BIO:

Federica teaches Creative Writing, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques, Pranayama, Yoga in Flight.

Writer and television writer, has collaborated and built experience with Enzo Biagi, Tiziano Terzani, Dario Fo, Stefano Benni. She is involved in projects in schools.

Co-created with wonderful GaneshMood musicians and their You Tube channel:CLICK HERE
Here we can find: guided meditations, motivational paths; relaxing music, energizing and healing. Techniques to enhance memory, focus the mind, increase concentration intuition, the results on work and study, rejuvenate cells, taming anxiety and depression, reduce stress, develop the ability to breath, become more receptive the joys of life.

With its association VisionAir (specializing in education on new media) and the Guarantor Authority for Children and Adolescents is developing the project “I am here”, as part of the Youth Action Plan of the Ministry of Security and Legality ‘.

She cares poetry collections and she produces books in schools together with children and young people. She teaches yoga and meditation to children and teens.
She published severals novels.

She organizes seminars and courses: yoga and meditation, creative writing and new languages, stress and emotions management, correct dynamic breath, acquiring a greater attention span and concentration.