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July 23 – August 12
An immersion into asana, breath and ancient secrets
to illuminate your highest potential…. 


Realising our originals svarüpeëävatiñöhate / Svarupa is the culmination of all yoga practices.

Our goal is not only to teach optimum alignment for optimum breath within asana practice although this is a huge focus on our program. Our goal and main inspiration is to share the deeper ancient wisdom inherent in the legacy of Vedic wisdom. In Sanskrit and vedantic knowledge our true self is called svarupa. We all have a unique Svarupa, and eternal blissful form and through specific yogic practices which we immerse into you are awakened to a path where your unique original constitutional position beyond the physical and temporary reality can begin to be realised.  For this we need to gradually dissolve the samscaras, anhartas / conditioning / knots that keep us bound to limited experience. This teacher training will awaken you to a path of truth that is ever increasing in its profound ability help you see through the matrix of the external world and more…

Will give you a strong foundation in accessing deeper energetics required for optimum transformation and growth within yoga practices. Many tools are used to access breath as a foundation, so there is a focus on alignment to access breath. The primary series of Ashtanga is the morning practice five times per week as it is a powerful practice in realigning the physical body, giving access to breath and bhanda when taught optimally. There is a large advanced philosophical portion as well as immersion into the yoga sutras of patan jail, anatomy, restorative / yin yoga, daily inversion strength workshop primarily as a means to understand alignment / movement isolation within the physical body and a means to access breath release and bhanda activation. 

Jayaprada Radhika – BIO:

Known by birth as Jolie, after many years of studying Hatha then primarily Ashtanga yoga for up to 6 hours daily for five years she lived in temples full time immersing in Vedic culture, met her spiritual master / Guru His Holiness Bahkti Charu Swami, and was given the name Jayaprada Radhika meaning “Distinguished giver of Spiritual victory, servant of the supreme). 

She is lovingly known now throughout the world as Radhika and has been hosting Registered Yoga Teacher Trainings in India, Thailand and Bali for almost three years. With a background of over ten years of intensive immersion of yogas physical and spiritual practices as a complete lifestyle, she has been teaching also throughout Australasia for a near decade. She has a large focus on optimum breath and has been practicing the strong breath practice of re-birthing intensively since teenage years and learnt advanced breath work of Sri swami Prakash baba in the Himalayas where she later taught this breath work at his centre in Rishikesh for six months. 

She has been in promotional advertising for the renowned yoga woman film, and held prestigious positions as the lead yoga instructor for NZ’s Olympic athletes and the Australian Federal police and has published articles in Bhakti yoga magazines. 

She holds a Dip. Mus and incorporates the healing sounds of yogis ancient mantra vibrations throughout her trainings which many students have expressed experiencing heart transforming emotion from. 

Radhika is grateful for her background in many years of ballet, martial arts and reiki for giving her the ability to feel, contact and teach from a point of deep connection with the physical, emotional and energetic bodies we hold. 

She continues to travel to Mysore yearly to train with her teacher Sri Arya Ramesh Sheeti and regularly stays in the holy lands of India immersing herself in the heart of Bhakti yoga lifestyle. 


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