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May, 20 – 27
Yoga Nidra: Introduction to the awakening of the chakras and meditation

Nidra Yoga retreat
with Angel Blaise

This retreat is for all! Novice, experienced, alone or with friends, for all people in quest for balance and wellness.

Blaise and Gregory Angel Mauroux (singer) offer a journey to the heart of your consciousness. Take time to discover and experience the seven major chakras that are all of us; a special approach to our person at the felt, psychology and philosophy. Throughout the retreat, each chakra will be approached through postures, breathing, meditation and specific. Yoga sessions will be accompanied by chanting of mantras, perfect combination and simply divine! Blaise put a point of honor to teach you the rules in a precise technique of meditation (Japa Ajapa). Each thus know the ins and outs and will be able to replicate this technique well autonomously beyond retirement.

Blaise Angel et Grégory Mauroux (le chanteur) vous proposent un voyage initiatique au cœur de votre conscience. Prenez le temps de découvrir et de connaître les sept chakras majeurs qui nous constituent tous ; une approche particulière de notre personne au niveau du ressenti, de la psychologie et de la philosophie. Au fil de la retraite, chaque chakra sera approché au travers de postures, respirations, et méditations spécifiques. Les séances de yoga seront accompagnées de chant de mantras, alliance parfaite et simplement divine ! Blaise mettra un point d’honneur à vous apprendre dans les règles une technique précise de méditation (Japa Ajapa). Chacun en connaîtra ainsi les tenants et les aboutissants et sera alors en mesure de reproduire cette technique de manière autonome bien au-delà de la retraite.

Angel Blaise – BIO:

Bio Angel –

Press, radio and television were the main occupations of Blaise Angel for 25 years: he was notably producer, presenter and journalist at RTS. And then, as nothing happens by chance, yoga has crossed his path, germinated in the head and then Blaise has become obvious. Altruism and kindness will be a major asset to meet the expectations of all. What drives this quest: “See beyond appearances, to connect with the essence of beings rather than their social mask.” This “spelunker of the human soul” appreciates guide those who wish to deep within themselves. Formed in Switzerland, France and India, Blaise is now a certified Yoga suiss teacher.

Bio Gregory –

“Natural born singer,” the mother of this native of Estavayer-le-Lac ensures he sang even before he learned to speak … In this capacity, he participated as a soloist in numerous musical shows . True voice of an angel, he manages to touch and carry any of his listeners … a real gateway in your quest for spirituality. What animates “When at the end of practice, I have the feeling that the sun shines high on every heart, I think I have done my job.” Yoga formed by Krishnamacharya, and the Yoga of Sound, Gregory is now a professor of Nada Yoga certified by the Arts Voice Institute. It regularly hosts evenings of Mantra Chanting and Yoga sessions Sound.


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