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Jivamukti Yoga retreat
with Durga Devi

June  23 – 30

There will be meditation practice along with a 2 hour dynamic Jivamukti asana practice every morning and meditation, chanting and break down of asanas in the four evening practices. There will be plenty of time for sunshine, good company and individual attention!

Bhakti means devotion and surrender to the divine. In Bhakti yoga the practitioner cultivates desire for love. Bhakti yoga is the most essential component of Jivamukti yoga. Song, dance, chanting and prayer have been throughout the ages traditional forms of Bhakti yoga. And these practices all have the capability to purify the body, mind and emotions. During this week you will have the opportunity to practice invigorating asana classes and explore the art of chanting and to connect with our divine nature on a daily basis. You will learn how to infuse your practice and life every day with grace, love and devotion!

” If you can get that atmosphere of devotion going, then the spiritual path is fun and exciting. You won’t even have to try; it will no longer be work but a part of your everyday life – a part of every moment. “
– Bhagavan Das

Durga Devi – BIO:

Durga Devi has evolved from an NYC indie rock singer to being one of the in-demand yoga teachers in the UK, definitely one of its most rock’n’roll.  She has London’s hippest crowd squeezing their mats into her classes (devotees include Sam Taylor-Johnson and Thandie Newton). With her glowing energy and edgy tattooed look, Durga manages to make chanting and chakra balancing fun and cool; plus, the physically challenging Jivamukti-style she teaches produces a graceful, honed dancer-style body.

Durga’s authentic approach is the real deal – down to serious mat work, hard study for over 20 years and 14 years of teaching from New York to London, throughout Europe and India.

Jivamukti classes integrate the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of yoga. Classes include vinyasa based asana practice, hands-on adjustments, breath awareness, meditation and deep relaxation. The vibe of a class is supported by Sanskrit chanting, eclectic music, readings, spoken word and references to yoga philosophy texts.


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