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September, 22-29

Ashtanga Yoga & Inner alignment & beingness

Ashtanga yoga retreat
with Anna Bjarkvik

Expect a week that cracks the heart open
and awakens the body in a new way!



Learn how to feel and direct the flow of your energetic body to get a safe and joyous yoga practice. This is a week to connect deep within your being and to come home as an updated version of you. With simple exercises we will discover our ability to really feel what is going on in our bodies, to be able to rely on our own inner guidance and find spontaneous right alignment. We will also create moments of meditation and stillness to discover who we truly are.

Anna will adapt the teachings to the group present and we will apply the theme of the week to the morning classes (Ashtanga yoga) and more in depth in the afternoon sessions.

Anna Bjarkvik – BIO

Anna was born in the USA and raised in Sweden. She used to work as a fashion designer, and started to practice yoga to balance a stressful life. Slowly the practice of yoga started to influence her entire life, and a physical and mental shift took place. Since 2004 she has being committed to a
daily yoga practice and continuous studies on the subject.

Anna is a direct student of Manju Jois, and spends many weeks every year to deepen her knowledge and understanding of yoga with him. In 2012 she received an authorization and blessings from Manju to teach traditional Ashtanga yoga.

A warm, and joyous atmosphere is an important ingredient in Anna’s teachings so that a deep learning both physically and mentally can take place.

Anna has been running her own studio in Sweden for 6 years but has now sold the studio to be able to spend more time teaching and traveling. She has produced 2 DVD movies on traditional Ashtanga yoga and a book on Yoga Therapy together with Manju himself.  


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