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Strength, Balance, Flexibility: Pillars Of Yoga, Virtue In Life

Simona Brusoni

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga retreat
with Simona Brusoni

August 14-21, 2021

Description of the retreat

A week of shared work to deepen three precious characteristics: flexibility, strength and balance, pillars of practice and fundamental in life when pursuing an open and conscious existence.

Flexibility of the body capable of bending and turning in any direction -> flexibility and softness that open up to welcome

Strength in the body to support the various steps of the practice -> fortitude to go through the changes and absorb the shocks of life

Balance in the body or the ability to remain in axis on the feet, hands and head -> balance in life as a condition that leads to maturity and awareness.

To these themes we will dedicate some readings as well as physical work in the YOGA shala



8.30 PM welcome and opening retreat

8 / 9.30 am mysore
9.00 am led class for beginners
10.30 am brunch
7.30 pm dinner
9.00 pm reading and meditation “the cardinal virtues”

8 / 9.30 mysore
9.00 am led class for beginners
10.30 am brunch
5.30 workshop: THE FLEXIBILITY (how to make the back, hips and shoulders flexible)
7.30 pm dinner

8 / 9.30 am mysore
9.00 am led class for beginners
10.30 am brunch
5.30 workshop: THE STRENGTH (we strengthen the core, shoulders, arms)
7.30 pm dinner

8 / 9.30 am mysore
9.00 am led class for beginners
10.30 am brunch
7.30 pm dinner

8 / 9.30 mysore
9.00 am led class for beginners
10.30 am brunch
5.30 pm workshop: BALANCE (we will visit the various types of balance on the legs, on the arms, on the head)
7.30 pm dinner
9.00 pm reading and meditation “the cardinal virtues”

8 / 9.30 mysore
9.00 am led class for beginners
10.30 am brunch
6.00 pm Pranayama to conclude by pacifying the mind (deep relaxation work and listening to the breath)
7.30 pm dinner


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The YIS retreat centre is located in Zollino, in the heart of the Salento. Twenty minutes from both coasts and from cultural centres such as Lecce, Otranto and Gallipoli.

Our yoga retreats are also an opportunity to get together, share good moments, pamper yourself and enjoy the beauty of the Salento in a peaceful environment. Give yourself an energetic recharge through vegan and vegetarian organic food, eco-sustainable tourism and relaxation in our spaces.

Our staff are at your disposal for the entire duration of the retreat to advise you about the must–see places in the Salento, organise excursions, guided tours, gastronomic tours, transfers, rentals and anything else to make your stay enjoyable.

For all information, call +39 0836 600284 or send an email to info@yogainsalento.com.



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The Location

Our retreats take place at Agricola Samadhi, a unique organic farmhouse because it proposes something more than just recreation.

In this charming oasis, the lifestyle revolves around well being: you can combine your stay with a SPA, Ayurvedic consultations and treatments, and a wide range of massages and more.

You can regain your well being through a variety of top–level yoga classes. There is also a SPA Healing Centre and the HQ of YIS, Yoga In Salento, a European leader in yoga retreats, for years a favourite destination of the best internationally renowned teachers in the world.

An energy recharge and psycho–physical well being will be the most precious gifts of your stay that you’ll take home with you, together with the new friendships you’ve made during the retreat.


7 nights

6 brunches

7 vegetarian dinners

1 breakfast

double, single or shared rooms

A very wide swimming pool and beautiful gardens

Spa Healing Center. Treatments and massages on request

Yoga In Salento - ritiri yoga, corsi di yoga Lecce

Via Stazione, 116, 73010 Zollino LE, Italy

After having devoted herself for a long time to the study of dance, classical and modern, and dance theater and having made it her profession, both as a professional dancer and as a dance teacher, in 2001 she approaches Ashtanga Yoga, a style she studies long before with Lino Miele and, later, since 2005, with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore (India).

In 2005 she began her experience as a yoga teacher, preceded by an intense internship as an assistant to Lino Miele that she follows in numerous retreats, seminars and workshops, in Italy and abroad. In 2009 he founded, in Milan, with Lino Miele, the School of Ashtanga Yoga, where he teaches until 2016, alternating the activity of teacher within the school, with teaching in seminars and workshops in Italy, India and in numerous European countries.

Over the years, together with the practice of Ashtanga Yoga which she deepens until completing the fourth series (Advanced B) and obtaining, in 2014, after twelve years of training, the certification of Lino Miele, Simona dedicates herself to the study of Indian culture and, in particular, of some of the main addresses of classical philosophy (Yoga, Samkhya, Vedanta), of the history of the country and of the artistic tradition, expression of the various religious components of Indian civilization.

You also undertake the study of the Hindi language, acquiring the rudiments. In 2013, the encounter with Iyengar Yoga, induces her to deepen the study of the postural dimension of yoga and to research new ways of teaching, respecting the tradition of uninterrupted research and experimentation inaugurated by the founder and creator of Ashtanga Yoga, Shri Krishnamacharya.

In 2018 she graduated in Svastha Yoga and Ayurveda (Yoga Therapy).

In 2020, together with Elettra Cicognini, she opened Drishti Ashtanga Yoga Studio where she continues her research and transmits its contents.

Daughter of art, she began Ashtanga Yoga at the age of 16 under the guidance of Simona Brusoni and Lino Miele.

At the age of 23 she becomes Lino Miele’s youngest assistant, following him in his workshops in Italy and India.

She has worked for several years as an assistant at the Ashtanga Yoga School in Milan.

Today she practices the third series and since 2015 she begins the study of Iyengar Yoga following in-depth workshops in Italy and India.

At the same time, she carries on her passion for music.

In 1999, at the age of 14, she enrolled at the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory in Milan, studying oboe and piano.

In 2010 she obtained a first level degree (Oboe) at the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory in Milan.

In 2013 she obtained a second level degree (Oboe) at the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory in Como.

You have played with different ensembles in Milan and Italy and followed a postgraduate Master with Maestro Luca Vignali.

For more than ten years she has been touring India, she has been touring India attending different yoga teachers and styles, she studies the Hindi language and is interested in Indian thought.

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