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OCTOBER 5 – 12, 2019


7 “Dance Holy-Days” in the luscious Italian nature of Salento

In this Conscious Dance-Holiday – we move from rooting ourselfs deeply in our feet to restore and rejuvenate our energies up to spreading our wings and dance into our own Holy-Day’s – 
The source of Salentos nature, See Sand & Swimming – support as everyday through the Elements of the 5 Rhythms. 

The 5 Rhythms® Movement- & DanceMeditation practice lead through:

1. Flowing – Earth – focus on inhale
finding our feet, connecting with the ability to be receptive and finding our feminin fluidity – circling and spiraling into the Matter of our Body and all beginnings.

2. Staccato – Fire – focus on exhale
reaching further to the knee’s, hips, elbows to learn to clearly set boundaries – and connecting with the ability to give, to let out – creating clear percussive moves into the matter of our Heart and our masculinity. 

3. Chaos – Water – focus on letting breath happen
letting go what ever is in the way to go deeper – shaking off our spine, neck head and hips through – to wash away our narrow mindedness – and calm the matters of our thoughts in our and reaching to our bigger mind. 

4. Lyrical – Air – focus on breathing through your heart
here we let go of letting go – we open up our shoulders, widen our Arms – lightning up, reaching out for the Stars and open our hearts like a window.  We let the matter of our Soul breath through us – stepp into a space of trance and let ourselfs more and more be danced. 

5. Stillness – Eather – focus on being breath
In Stillness we become one with the universal matter – we slowly let go any movement until the movement of breath is left. Being – being breathed by the source of light, love, god, how ever you call this place. 

The class will be only in german.


Gabriella is a certified 5 Rhythms® Movement and Dance Teacher, since more than 5 years. Leading Classes and Workshops in Switzerland and Germany.  She also is a Therapist in “Process-oriented Personalgrowth”, Intergral Therapy, transpersonal psychology and Shamanism since 1992. Since then she has given Meditation Workshop and Ceremonies and supported People 1-on-1 throughout all these years.

For Gabriella is meditation through dance and movement a way to release what ever is in between you and your most inner whole place. Its a way to set yourself free and deepen the connection to all there is.